Here's what current accounting service users have to say about RFS' accounting service.

"Using the RFS accounting program lets me focus on my business, not on trying to be an accountant. My bank respects the professionalism of the RFS financial reports, making it easier for me to deal with them. The team at the Retail Financial Services is very pleasant to work with. My advice to other hardware retailers is let RFS do what they do best, so you can do what you do best—Retailing."

—Ken Stewart
Stewart Hardware
Southport, North Carolina

"The biggest benefit to me of the RFS accounting program is the industry insight. They let me know where I stand in relation to what is happening in my industry. Their accuracy leaves me worry free. As compared to other accounting services, their rates are actually inexpensive. I cannot imagine using anyone else."

—Patrick Doyle
Doyle's Farm & Home
New Richmond, Wisconsin

"The RFS accounting program does not put a burden on our office staff, leaving them more time for important tasks such as margin management and expense control. The program is very easy to use and the quality of the services P & L and balance sheet reports are highly professional. On one occasion we were audited by the IRS and Retail Financial Services' professionalism and accuracy were never questioned again. That gives me real peace of mind. The RFS staff works closely with me and my business, and I appreciate their advice on important financial decisions. I have found the RFS accounting program to be a bargain compared to other services."

—Russ Kortendick
Kortendick Ace Hardware
Racine, Wisconsin

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