Other great benefits of the RFS Payroll Processing Service include:

  • Employees get paid even if you can't be there—With RFS, you don't have to be in your store to pay your employees. Both paychecks and electronic direct deposit vouchers can be mailed in sealed window envelopes, ready for distribution to each employee, without revealing any sensitive payroll information. Your store's name is on every paycheck, but they are signed by RFS and written on an RFS bank account. Employee's selecting electronic payment have their money automatically deposited in their bank acount each pay day.

  • Accurate and on-time tax deposit and tax filing guarantee—RFS assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of all deposits and tax returns. If we make a mistake, we pay the interest and penalties!

  • Electronic Direct Deposit—For the same price as a standard paycheck, RFS will electronically deposit any or all of your employee's pay directly into a bank account of their choice.

  • Direct link with the RFS Time Q +Plus Time Clock—Stop adding up time cards. Electronically capture the hours worked by your employees and then automatically transfer this information to the RFS "I-Payroll Reporting" website.

  • Online Management Reports—Up-to-date payroll information for each of your employees is available to you 24/7 through our secure, password-protected website. Don't sift through paper reports. Get the information you want, quickly, reliably, and when you need it.

  • Affordable Prices—RFS Payroll Processing is a great value. Our company is run by hardware dealers for the benefit of all hardware dealers. Compare our rates to those of any other payroll provider and you'll see what we mean.


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