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Retail Financial Services provides full-service payroll processing designed specifically for retail hardware stores, lumber yards, and building supply dealers.

If you are not already using RFS Payroll Processing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why continue with the headaches, including confidentiality issues, that come with processing your payroll in-house?

  • Why juggle your schedule and be forced to be at your store to sign employee paychecks each and every pay day?

  • Why risk substantial fines and penalties because someone in your business didn’t stay up to date on ever-changing federal and state payroll compliance laws?

  • Why keep on paying too much to a large “chain-store” payroll company who doesn’t know your business or understand your unique needs?

Retail Financial Services offers two easy options for making your payroll simple.

  1. “I-Payroll Reporting”—Use RFS’ secure, password-protected website to enter your payroll data. By customizing input screens, you have the option to allow a clerk or bookkeeper to enter only hours and other non-sensitive payroll information, while allowing only designated managers or owners to enter and view pay rates, bonuses, and other confidential data.

  2. “Standard Reporting”—RFS provides you with a printed payroll worksheet to record employees’ hours and other payroll data. You then fax the information to the RFS payroll department for processing.

Other great benefits of the RFS Payroll Processing Service include:

Join the hundreds of hardware stores, lumber yards, and building supply stores nationwide who have placed their trust and confidence in Retail Financial Services Payroll Processing. Contact Angie Wright at 800-888-1817 for a service quote today!

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