Payroll Testimonials

Here's what current RFS Payroll Service users have to say about Retail Financial Services' Payroll Processing.

"The RFS payroll program is so easy to use. I can even send the hours worked from my home computer, whenever I have the time. I would recommend the RFS payroll program to any hardware retailer. It's wonderful!"

—Rosie Lutz
Lutz Hardware
Camas, Washington

"RFS payroll processing alleviates the burden of processing payroll. We used to do our own checks in-house; but now, RFS does it all. I like the convenience of entering hours on the website and having checks delivered, ready for distribution. Whether you have one or 100 employees, the program is easy, accurate, and efficient."

—King Cooper
Cooper's Home Center
Taft, California

"We have used the RFS payroll program for 14 years. I would tell other dealers that the program is 'headache free' and a great value for the price. Direct deposit for our employees is a real plus and saves our employees time waiting at the bank to make deposits, it also keeps them from cashing paychecks at the store. The Internet access for sending hours is the most convenient feature available."

—Barb Green
Lee's True Value Home Center
Millstadt, Illinois

"I have to say the biggest benefit to me of using the RFS payroll service is lack of problems and minimization of record keeping. Their accuracy and responsiveness is outstanding. With 15 employees, I find the program to be of the highest value at the lowest price. Without reservation, I'd recommend it to any hardware dealer."

—Douglas C. Wise
Keystone Building Center Inc.
Keystone Heights, Florida

"My biggest benefit of the RFS payroll program is the confidentiallity. We have five locations and RFS adeptly handles all of the various deductions and methods of compensating our personnel that we use. I can't imagine why a hardware dealer would do his own payroll with RFS' cost-effective and comprehensive program available. It lets me do what's best, sell product and plan for business growth."

—Jim Stapel
Kitz & Pfeil Inc.
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

"We have been using the RFS payroll program for over 30 years, and the Internet payroll program with the Acroprint Time Clock for over three years. Without a doubt, the greatest benefit is the time savings. The time clock calculates the hours worked for our 60-plus employees, we paste the results into the payroll website, and paychecks are electronically deposited. All government reports are done right, and on time. It's accurate, secure, and simple too!"

—Brian Webb
Krueger True Value Hardware
Neenah, Wisconsin

"With 35 employees, the amount of time saved handling payroll is my greatest benefit. Submitting the hours worked over the Internet is fast and easy too. The RFS staff is excellent, very friendly, and most efficient. I don't think you would find a better value for the money."

—Rich Isber
Schwalbach Hardware Inc.
Windom, Minnesota

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