Tax Preparation

Your tax returns are important. Too important to be prepared by someone who may not fully understand you, your business, and your industry. Let the professionals at Retail Financial Services prepare your federal and state income tax returns.

RFS has been assisting clients with their tax returns for over 40 years.

Our trained staff stays up to date on the latest tax developments and works closely with you to prepare and file returns that are accurate, complete, and on time.

Each year, RFS accountants prepare tax returns for hundreds of hardware stores and other small businesses, whether operating as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other type of entity. We also provide tax preparation for many individuals whose personal taxes are often closely tied to their business. Family members, store managers, and other associates also use RFS to prepare their individual tax returns.

And just like our Monthly Accounting and Payroll Processing services, RFS Tax Preparation is affordable. Many of our clients quickly realize that they save money by choosing to have Retail Financial Services prepare their business and personal tax returns.

Want to find out more about the benefits RFS Tax Preparation Service can bring to you and your business? Contact Nick Krause at RFS by calling 800-888-1817.

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